Mixology 1

Clear Whiskey – Our Award Winning Clear Whiskey is excellent when served chilled or on the rocks. Clear Whiskey is also good when mixed with a citrus flavored drinks.

Country Style Whiskey is excellent when served chilled or on the rocks. Country Style Whiskey serves well when mixed with in any traditional Whiskey mixed drink.

Grappa: Serve it chilled or on the rocks.  Another way is use it to fortify coffee – adds a nutty/fruity flavor.  Mix with wine to make a port wine – by the glass.

Whiskey Wizards – Two Jays N’ A Silent Third

Feel free to add comments or mixing recipies.

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One thought on “Mixology

  • Cal Anderson

    Enjoyed your Iowa Grape Grappa while in Sioux City last Saturday night. I have enjoyed and personnally stocked grappa for many years now. Dining with Italian friends at their home in Italy makes grappa the after dinner choice if the menu is Italian. Once you learn to sip – you learn to love. Once you have been to Bassano Del Grappa you understand the value. I think the Nardini’s would be proud of you. Thank you. Nice to know you are there.