Bella Limoncello 3

Bella Limoncello –  Iowa ABD order # 86661
Bella Limoncello is made with Fresh Squeezed Lemons and a special blend of our Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey.  Bella Limoncello is a clean and refreshing beverage that reminds me of the Iowa State Fair in a bottle.  Chill it, Shake it and Enjoy the freshness.

Holly chopping lemons for cello86661 bella limoncello

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3 thoughts on “Bella Limoncello

  • Denise Caldwell

    One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a bottle of your Limoncello hand delivered by my nephew all the way from Iowa to me in Louisiana. I absolutely love it and wish I could buy it locally.

    • johnb Post author

      Hi Carol, Here are our prices at Broadbent Distillery as of 4/29/2015. Prices at the Distillery include taxes and may change. Grappa $15, Juggs $25, Bella $25, Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey $25, Two Jay’s Country Style Whiskey $30, T-Shirt $15. Please note that Iowa is a control state and we can not ship or sell alcohol on-line. Any spirits retailer in Iowa can order our products from Iowa ABD using the ABD order numbers just ask your spirits retailer or stop by the Distillery for a tour and tasting. Give me a call at the Distillery number (515)981-0011.