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Bella Limoncello –  Iowa ABD order # 86661
Bella Limoncello is made with Fresh Squeezed Lemons and a special blend of our Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey.  Bella Limoncello is a clean and refreshing beverage that reminds me of the Iowa State Fair in a bottle.  Chill it, Shake it and Enjoy the freshness.

Holly chopping lemons for cello86661 bella limoncello

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4 thoughts on “Bella Limoncello

  • Denise Caldwell

    One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a bottle of your Limoncello hand delivered by my nephew all the way from Iowa to me in Louisiana. I absolutely love it and wish I could buy it locally.

    • johnb Post author

      Hi Carol, Here are our prices at Broadbent Distillery as of 4/29/2015. Prices at the Distillery include taxes and may change. Grappa $15, Juggs $25, Bella $25, Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey $25, Two Jay’s Country Style Whiskey $30, T-Shirt $15. Please note that Iowa is a control state and we can not ship or sell alcohol on-line. Any spirits retailer in Iowa can order our products from Iowa ABD using the ABD order numbers just ask your spirits retailer or stop by the Distillery for a tour and tasting. Give me a call at the Distillery number (515)981-0011.

  • Tara DuBois

    This Bella Limoncello was SO GOOD! I had it at my sister’s house, and then we went on search for where to find it in stores. When we found it, we bought all the bottles on the shelf. And I would do it again. Next time I am out, I am visiting the distillery!