Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey 2

Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey Clear – ABD order # 27318

Our award winning Whiskey “Hearts” are distilled at least twice to ensure that we only have the “best of the best.” We sample each batch and carefully pull out only the purest cuts. We then run them through the still again. This is what helps give our products a very smooth taste. To be classified as Corn Whiskey, it has to be made of at least 80% corn. Our current recipe uses 100% corn purchased locally.  An east coast trend heading this way is to use a Clear whiskey as a starter base to make custom infusions and cordials.  We think it is awesome straight out of the bottle, poured over ice.


Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey Country Style – ABD order # 27323
Our “Country Style” Whiskey is made by taking our smooth tasting Clear whiskey and ageing it in Toasted Oak until it achieves the Color and Bouquet of a classic dark whiskey. By starting with our clear base Whiskey, our finished product is
extremely smooth and refined with a wonderful mouth watering aroma.


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2 thoughts on “Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey

  • Bryce Anders

    While visiting friends in Muscatine, I found your Iowa Corn Whiskey Country Style at the HyVee store. Brought one bottle back to Texas. As you note, the whiskey is/was very good all by itself over ice. Next visit to Iowa I will leave with more than one bottle.

  • Shy Willy

    Very good over ice! This is way too good to mix! Nothing else! Beautiful color and oak taste. Feels good going down!